Leads Club online

What is Leads Club Online?

Leads groups are an important tool in a B2B salesperson's business arsenal but are inefficient. Every day of the week, salespeople are getting up to meet at 7am for in a restaurant for breakfast to exchange leads in a leads group. These groups usually meet once
each week. A lead is a new business opening, an existing business expanding, or someone that is in a buying phase for their business. The group consists of salespeople that all sell a different product. There is no competition from within the group. They are really setting up a virtual corporation capable of fulfilling any need a business may have. The group works because everyone brings in a lead each week so with a group of ten salespeople everyone walks out of the breakfast with nine new leads. The inherent problem with this type of group is the leads can get stale. Someone who is in a buying phase now may be at the end of their cycle next week when the lead finally is shared. Also it allows for someone who is looking for a specific item to get other quotes, or just have someone who is cold calling to locate them and close the sale before you ever get the lead. 

Going to a virtual leads group makes sense because you can pass the lead any day of the week so the leads are always fresh. It also eliminates both the need for an extended work day starting at 7am for the breakfast meeting and can save the cost of the breakfast. Also a large sized group can develop and be easily managed.

We an also help existing leads groups go live and share leads instantly.